Equipment List:

For use in studio and rental


Keyboards and Pianos

Fender Rhodes 73, Pump Organ, Knabe Baby Grand Piano, Estey Upright Piano, Funmachine mini, Funmachine orchestra, Hammond B-2, Lowrey Organ, Farfisa


Warwick Fretless Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Ibanez Guitar, Guild Acoustic Guitar, Marshall Acoustic Guitar


French Horn, Trombone, Bach Trumpet, Conn Trumpet, Olds Special Trumpet, Getzen Cornet, Flugelhorn, Mellophone, Baritone


Tama 4 piece kit, DW Kick Pedal, Djembe x2, Doumbek, Tamborine x2, Bongos, Shakers, Misc Percussion


Balalaika, Dilruba, Sarangi, Harmonium, Marxaphone, Autoharp, Theremin, Ukelin, soprano recorder x3, bass recorder


Casio Casiotone 701, Yamaha DD-5, Yamaha DD-7, Casio SK-1, Yamaha Portasound PSS-110, Casio PT-87, Casio SA-5, Casio VL-1, Stylophone, HP Square Wave Generator 211A

Digital Controllers:

M-Audio Oxygen 8, Novation Remote 25 LE, Korg NanoKontrol, Monome 128, Numark Total Control



missing something you need? we can get it! just ask!

Speakers and P.A. Equipment:

P.A. systems from Alto, Behringer, Yamaha, Soundcraft, and more! 

X32 core rackmount wireless system.

32/8 Yamaha analog board

HS8 with sub and monitor speakers


AKG 414C x2, Avenson STO-2 matched pair, ElectroVoice RE-20, Sennheiser E609, Crown Pzm, Shure SM57 x3, Shure SM58 x6, Audio Technica AT898, Sennheiser 421


API 3124+, SSL VHD 4 Channel , Altec Lansing 1592A, RME Fireface 800, Numark DM1002, Yamaha 24 4, Tascam 24 4

Tape Machines:

Tascam 388, Akai GX-625


Boomerang, Electro Harmonix Moog Synthesizer, Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere, Akai Headrush, Electro Harmonix The Worm, MXR Phase 90, Digitech BP200, Marshall Shredmaster, Yamaha Flanger, DOD Phaser/201, Morley Black Gold Basic Wah, BOSS PH-3, BOSS TU-2, BOSS GE-7, BOSS DD-5, DOD FX50-B, Roadkill Wah, BOSS AC-2