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Monday, July 8, 2013

Will Johnson and The Artist General. Video!

Back in April we had the great honor to have one of our favorite artists come and do an NMR Live show and recording. Will Johnson of Centromatic, South San Gabriel, Monsters of Folk, New Multitudes, and Undertow Orchestra, to name a few. The show was part of his living room tour, booked by Undertow Music, where the name of the venue house was only revealed to those who held tickets. This short documentary style film was shot by You & Yours Productions as part of their "Half Acre" series that will focus on life, art and culture in Fort Worth. We really had a great time, and we hope you do as well while watching this.

NMR Live: Will Johnson from You and Yours on Vimeo.

Also, Ramtin Nikzad is back with another interesting short film, "The Artist General." The film is a short vignette about Michael Masley who's character, "The Artist General" holds the United States' first "self appointed cabinet position." Taken in Berkeley, California where Masley has been a street performer for over 25 years. The Artist General provides a short excerpt of a night in the life of a man who is known by musicians and composers the world over, recording numerous albums, and still makes his living under the radar of most. Masley uses handmade finger bows, "hammer bows", long concave dulcimer hammers with bow hair strung underneath, that look like uncut finger nails, as well as traditional finger picking techniques on a large hammered dulcimer called a Cymbalom. Best experienced with headphones. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NMR Presents: Linear B / Nick Hennies / Coppice / Jason Zeh

This Sunday we are having one of our most progressive shows to date. It will be featuring electro-acoustic improvisation, noise, and multimedia compositions. All of the artists will have been at NMASS (New Media Art & Sound Summit) in Austin that starts today. This show starts early so get here quick! June 16 6pm. Bring your Dad!
It's on the Facebooks
Linear B (DFW,TX)
Sultan M and Nicholas Cabrera (of Zanzibar Snails, Small Talk, Ascites, & Watchers)
create dark ambient mindscapes with a visceral whisper of proto-industrial dread. Young Nocturnal Emissions having lunch with Tod Dockstader.

Nick Hennies (Austin, TX)
Whether as a skinsman for the Weird Weeds, with the Austin New Music Co-op, or in collaboration with Arnold Dreblatt, Radu Malfatti, Jandek, Charles Curtis, Ellen Fullman, Michael Pisaro, Solo, or in any context, Nick Hennies' m.o. is to re-contextualize and reinvigrate traditional instruments through repetition, meditation, and immerson. The end result is never less than thrilling. Nick will be performing a solo piece for triangle, snare drum and sine wave.
Nick Hennies recorded his 2010 album 'Psalms' & his upcoming release 'Hoquet' with percussion trio Meridian both here at NMR.

Coppice (Chicago, IL)
Bellows and Electronics.
Their variable instrumentation from bellows and reed instruments, (accordian, pump organ, shruti box) custom electronics, (reproduction, transmission, spatialization, interference, and gentle feedback) and multichannel systems are adapted in ways responsive to location, audience flow, and aural perspectives.
"Intruiging and oddly listenable in what at times comes across as an alien sound world, intelligible to someone or something if not to you - like trying to follow a game when you don't know the rules, or listening to a conversation in a language you don't speak." - Nathan Thomas, Fluid Radio {2012}

Jason Zeh (Kansas City, MO)
Master of cassette tape abuse.“While many of his previous recordings have employed the mangled sounds of crumpled and even burnt tape, A Vacant Lot To Be In focuses on the electro-magnetic properties of the tape machine, as Zeh shoves magnetic pieces of metal into the mechanism to interfere with the signal flow. The result is ominously insectoid humming and scabrous noises that increase in density and velocity over both pieces of this vinyl, collapsing into a exhausted smolder of corroded drone and hiss. – The Wire review of “A Vacant Lot To Be In” LP (Crippled Intellect Productions)

Monday, February 25, 2013

NMR Live! SXSW & 35 Denton.

March 2013 is shaping up to be one of our busiest months for shows! We are having some of our best come back for some great all day showcases. Here are the lineups:

Saturday, March 2nd:
@ NMR, 1329 Hurley Ave. Fort Worth, TX
11pm Year of the Bear
10pm Nervous Curtains
9pm Wirewings

Saturday, March 9th:
911 W. Hickory Denton TX
Stage A
1:00 Eyes Wings & Many Other Things (Dallas)
2:30 The Migrant (Denmark)
4:00 Don Feagin of The Theater Fire (Fort Worth)
5:30 Jacob Metcalf (Dallas)
7:00 Tiger Tooth & Paw (Denton) 
8:30 Skeleton Coast (Fort Worth)
Stage B
1:45 Ghost To Falco (Portland)
3:15 The Angelus (Dallas)
4:45 Clint Niosi (Fort Worth)
6:15 Twigs & Yarn (Austin) 
7:45 Sisson (Austin)

Sunday, March 10th:
@ NMR, 1329 Hurley Ave. Fort Worth, TX
Indoor & outdoor performances by…

1:00 JAKE PALESCHIC of The Longshots / The Patriot {Fort Worth} 
2:00 RALPH WHITE of The Bad Livers / Precious Blood / Rubble / Gulf Coast Playboys {Austin} 
3:00 THE MIGRANT {Denmark} 
4:00 TWIGS & YARN {Austin} 
5:00 LO-FI CHORUS {Fort Worth}
5:30 KIRKLAND JAMES {Fort Worth}
6:00 D.H. PHILLIPS of True Widow {Dallas}
7:00 DON FEAGIN of The Theater Fire {Fort Worth}
8:00 CLINT NIOSI {Fort Worth}
9:00 GREG ASHLEY of Gris Gris / The Mirrors {Oakland / Austin}
10:00 LESLIE SISSON of The Wooden Birds {Austin}



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Live In Studio: Ralph White.

Ralph White - Austin Texas based Avant Folk.
One of our foremost instrumentalists and a true hidden American treasure, Ralph White has taken the back roads in his inspired pursuit of the ancient roots of music.  The "folk/noise/avant-whatever genius" (Joe Gross, Austin Statesman) has made many strange travels as an itinerant musician and laborer.  Thus his intimate, nuanced musical language has slowly revealed itself, along a path that meanders from the apple orchards of British Columbia to the villages of Zimbabwe and Namibia, from the lonesome moors of Ireland to Australia, Brittany, Peru, Louisiana and beyond.  There is also the influence of White's hometown of Austin, Texas, a rich musical crossroads in and of itself. 

Listening to Ralph is like letting yourself get carried out to the middle of a swaying ocean on a raft. His music is fluid, the sound of a stream of consciousness, of being inside the music. The man practices tirelessly to hone his sound, and breath that deep; and as you can see in this video, summon the cathartic ghosts of the muse of suffering. It was an honor and a privilege to have Ralph in studio. Our many thanks to Ramtin Nikzad who shot and edited this beautifully. Come and see Ralph this Thursday, September 13th at 7.

Ralph White - See That My Grave is Kept Clean (Blind Lemon Jefferson)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Clint Niosi: For Pleasure and Spite

We here at New Media Recordings are proud to announce our newest and most anticipated album this year: Clint Niosi's For Pleasure and Spite. It was released today digitally and will have hard copies on saturday, in time for record release party at Good Records! We were so honored to be able to work with such amazing people on this recording. Listen to it here or come out to a show near you!

Update: Check out Clint Niosi on KXT with Paul Slavens going track by track! Here.

Monday, June 4, 2012

: : : : : : : NMR Presents : : : : : : :

  • The Angelus
    Weird Weeds
    Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things  
    Sons of Hermann Hall - doors @ 8pm - $5
    The bands will be performing their new albums in their entirety.
         We will be live audio and video streaming from this site. 

    As one of the most original and innovative performance ideas in the area, Dallas based The Angelus, and Eyes Wings & Many Other Things, and Austin based Weird Weeds will be performing their new albums in their entirety on June 20th, at Sons Of Hermann Hall. While none of these albums are “concept records”, they do well to be heard sequentially. This will be the first and likely last time these bands will play some of these songs and The Angelus will be pulling in extra help from Petra Kelly (Spooky Folk, Hares on the Mountain) on violin. The show is put on by New Media Recordings, an up and coming studio and production company. They will be live streaming Audio and Video of the show from their website If you are in N.Y., you can join in on a watching party by way of New Wilderness (http:// This looks to be a fun and special night.

  • The Angelus - On A Dark and Barren Land
    The Angelus have been stirring hearts and unhinging jaws all over Texas for more than half a decade with a brand of honest- to-God flat out glorious electrified folk music that is as difficult to pin down as it is to forget. The Angelus often leave even the hardest hearted hipsters teary eyed and shaken.

    Weird Weeds - Self Titled
    “A shimmering, soft bed of hazy acoustic guitars, heartfelt vocal harmonies and strangely affecting tunes that may pass by in an instant but linger in the soft air for a good while afterwards.” – 

    Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things - Napalm Beach
    Trip down a spooky wormhole with Dallas collective Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things, an emerging duo from Dallas who deal in some decidedly unchill waves: Fragile strum, dungeon-trapped drones and dizzy, bent Beach House harmonies that can't muster up anything more coherent than "ooh" and "ahh." It's like your favorite '90s Kranky band bound and gagged by Sun Araw.

3414 Elm StDallas, TX 75226