Bobby On Drums (2015)

Composer, Artist, Performer

Fort Worth, TX

May 30 - July 1 2015

Bobby On Drums was a group show based on large scale installation works. I created four site specific pieces for the show's month long run. 

Static Garden (2015) 

49 speakers evenly spaced throughout 40'x 40' square area played 25 untuned fm stations at below speaking volume. Coinciding static fm stations were tuned on opposite speakers symmetrically in the formation. While patrons walk around the space and as the day or weather changes, the radio stations come in and out of tune. Patrons are encouraged to walk around the space or sit within the space much as they would in a garden. Individual LEDs were placed underneath each speaker. 


All I'm Sayin' (2015)

Collaboration with Jeremy Joel

Video loop Installation in 10'x 12' x 8' enclosed space. The outside of the space was painted by Joel to look like a head, and to serve as the head piece and prime label of the show. Patrons are encouraged to walk into the side (into the ear or the head) of the space. As the patron walks in, in front of them is a chair, a rug and two speakers. As they enter and turn around there is a screen in which the video loop is playing. The video is a candid moment taken of Joel's father, eating a banana. Audio clips of random people on the street whom Joel interviewed, asking them to expound on an open topic, starting with the phrase "all i'm saying...". During the editing process we kept only the statement: "all i'm saying.." and removed remaining declarations. The piece loops at the timing of the underlying music, "MF Doom- White Willow Bark"


Drum Solo: Forwards/Backwards (2015)










Static Garden (Bobby on Drums, 2015) 

Static Garden (2015)

Vibraphonist Mark Clifford performing in front of "All I'm Sayin'" 

All I'm Sayin'... Music by MF Doom