Clint Niosi - The Sound of Dead Horses Beaten Against Cold Shoulders (NMR, 2008)

Producer, Arranger, Recording Engineer, Mixer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Clint Niosi is a songwriter and composer who hangs his hat in Fort Worth, Texas. Clint is known as “an agile fingerstyle guitarist” (I Love FTW), with “great vocal tone and an original style” (D Magazine). He received a B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Arlington with a minor in History. Clint’s lyrics drip with dark literary themes that often “verge on poetry, as strong alone on the page as when performed with inflections and music added” (FW Weekly). 

After a decade in the underbelly of the DFW folk scene, 2008 saw the unveiling of Clint Niosi’s most ambitious work to date, “The Sound of Dead Horses Beaten Against Cold Shoulders”. The album is a cornucopia of lyrically heavy roots/folk/rock music covered with lush horn and string harmonies. The Fort Worth Weekly noted Clint’s “quavering, Donovan-ian voice, plummeting and soaring vocal melodies, and gently finger-picked, harmonious acoustic guitar steeled by moments of dissonance.” On the album Clint examines topics including, several versions of the afterlife, the subjective nature of truth, overactive idealism, and perseverance. “The Sound...” has been described by some as “Andrew Bird meets Magnetic Fields meets Led Zeppelin III”, however Clint feels the title to be an apt description in the driest humor.