Exceeds Expectations -(2012)

Sound Design, Mixer, ADR

Director: Alec Jhangiani

Producers: James M. Johnston, Ramtin Nikzad, Harper Robinson

Music: Bob Wills, Tamara Cauble Brown

“Exceeds Expectations,” made by Ft. Worth filmmaker Alec Jhangiani as part of TAMI’s Mess With Texas program, is a short film that opens with scenes of Texas fiddlers, followed by a young professional going into work for her annual review. After a review where she, at best, only meets expectations, the woman goes home where she lies awake in bed as scenes of fiddling play. She goes into work the next day and loudly defies her office culture. The Mess With Texas program was produced in partnership with Aurora Picture Show and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.



See the film here: