(...) (2015)

Composer, Artist

Fort Worth, TX

June 5-15 2015

Amplifiers, 49 speakers with individual sounds across the perimeter of the room.

For (...), I wanted to create a quiet meditative environment that would take time to experience, but could also be experienced as a whole in a moment. A person can experience the piece as a whole no matter how much time they spend with it. I did this through putting individual tones in 40 of the speakers. Those tones were two octaves of a pentatonic scale with minor 2nds and 9ths added. Each speaker had a single repeating tone. these tones would go from short clicks to long indecipherable lengths and back within a 5 minutes period. In the remaining speakers, which were on the corners and the middle of the perimeter, I provided filtered white noise. The dynamic of the white noise was determined by 30 seconds of Bach's Chiconne, stretched to 20 minutes. I feel that even when the tones of Bach's music are taken out and it is stretched beyond recognition, his writing still shows through.






(...) Exhibited at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center in 2015. Video by FWCAC