Leon Bridges - Coming Home (Columbia, 2015)

Sound Design, Mixer

Director: Chip Tompkins

Music: Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges has a thing for nostalgia. Everything in the video for “Coming Home” illustrates this, from the black and white film it was shot with to the vintage diners, reel-to-reel recorders, and ’50s-era microphone he croons into. There is one thing that sets this video firmly in the present, though, and that’s the biracial love story it chronicles. That shouldn’t be revolutionary, but in its own quiet way, it is. Directed by Chip Tompkins with cinematography by Tanner Teaff, the clip is like Bridges’ Instagram brought to life. You get the sense watching this that even if there were no cameras, this is just how Bridges lives his life. - Stereogum