Lindsey Verrill -

Katy Cruel / Darling Cory (2015)

Producer, Recording Engineer, Prepared Piano 

Ms. Verrill has been a staple in the Austin music scene, playing on countless records with a myriad of groups. She is well versed in authentic traditional and contemporary folk idioms, singing, playing banjo, double bass, and cello in some of Austin's best. A short list: Some Say Leland, Weird Weeds, Dana Falconberry, McMercy Family Band, Moonsicles, and many more. Invoking her native Appalachian background, the honesty and strength of her voice pierces through the thick, quick plucking and chopping textures, created by the banjo and prepared piano. The juxtaposition, reminiscent of Javanese Gamelan, creates a sound that solicits the listener to an exchange between east and the west.

Listen Here:

Side A: Katy Cruel

Side B: Darling Cory