Meridian - Hoquet (Accidie, 2013)

Recording Engineer

Meridian is Tim Feeney, Nick Hennies and Greg Stuart. The trio's debut CD, Hoquet, contains three tracks of tense, focused improvisation. All three percussionists are accomplished interpreters of contemporary music: Hennies and Stuart are perhaps best known for their associations with the Wandelweiser composers— the former having played on CD recordings of pieces by Radu Malfatti and Jürg Frey, and the latter having worked extensively with Michael Pisaro, collaborating with the composer on eight recorded works between 2008 and 2012— and Feeney's credits include performing with the new music ensemble Callithumpian Consort and as a founding member of So Percussion. But all three are equally adept in other genres of musical practice— Hennies drums in the experimental rock band, Weird Weeds, and Feeney's longstanding duo with cellist Vic Rawlings has produced a number of excellent releases. On Hoquet, the trio finds a kind of middle ground of shared musical language, exhibiting the constraint and care required by composed music, but unleashing an energy and vitality that is only possible in improvisation.

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