Soluna / ARRAY Festival - Dallas, TX (2018)

betweenthenow (2018)

betweenthenow (2018)

betweenthenow (2018) - 360 video by Hady Mawajdeh and Dane Walters of KERA's Art & Seek

Featuring Members of The Dallas Street Choir.

Choral Symphony for Multi-dimensional Audio and Light. 

exploring our somatic dystopia, the self-imposed separation and unity.

Technology is an extension of our humanity. We experience, feel, and move within our technological selves. In technology, we see our principle fallibility; our love, our hate, our beauty, our discord. We are afforded overwhelming opulence and simultaneously soul-crushing poverty. We individually and collectively impose our auto-phobic dystopia. We have the ability to obtain complete somatic control of all our lives. To be in the moment to moment. To live in the silence and noise of space. To be betweenthenow.