The Migrant - Amerika (2012)

Producer, Recording Engineer, Arranger, Multi-Instrumentalist  

When Bjarke Bendtsen set off from his native Denmark on a journey through America with just a guitar and a suitcase, The Migrant was born.

A few years later, after one critically acclaimed album – 2010′s Travels in
Lowland, a dreamy, earnest, psychedelic pop-folk opus, recorded at a seaside summerhouse during a trip back to Denmark in the summer of 2009 – and following nearly 50 shows across the US with his Austin-based backing band and 25 more in Europe with Danish compatriots, The Migrant returns with its second album, Amerika. Recorded in Fort Worth, TX at the home studio of Theater Fire’s James Talambas (who also co-produced it), Amerika is another beautiful episode in Bendtsen’s ceaseless odyssey.

As Bendtsen and his fellow musical sobriquet implies, The Migrant drifts through various landscapes, painting grand scenic portraiture with Bendtsen’s raw vocals and layers of pop-folk multiinstrumentation. Departing from the airy Danish seaside of Travels in Lowland, Amerika occupies the spare, vast spaces of the American landscape with beautiful, sprawling, acoustic melodies that faintly evoke America’s rich folk heritage. The album is constantly in motion, freely traversing barren guitar solos and harmonized mountains of instrumentation, navigated by Bendtsen’s unmistakeably heartfelt, lyrical styling.

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