The Migrant - Beads (2013)

Producer, Recording Engineer, Arranger, Multi-Instrumentalist  

On Beads the crookedness has turned into a long, hypnotic string of weird dreams and cryptic travel stories. Around Bendtsen’s vocals and acoustic guitar one can hear Indian instruments like dilruba and sarangi swerving with chanting choirs and psychedelic guitars. On some of the songs a rattling drum kit lift out the album from the vapors, only to be pulled back down to the ocean floor a little later.

The album was recorded partly in Texas with producer James Talambas and musicians from The Polyphonic Spree, Telegraph Canyon and Wildchild. They were joined by Bendtsen’s Danish guitar-player and co-producer Mads Hartmann with whom Bendtsen continued to work on the album in Denmark, following the long winding trails of the different songs. Bendtsen had met Talambas on his first travels through the States some years ago while making a stop in Austin, Texas.

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