The Theater Fire - Everybody Has A Dark Side (Undeniable, 2006)

Recording Engineer, Arranger, Multi-Instrumentalist

The Theater Fire has a knack for spinning yarns about drifters, hangmen, brothers, and lovers grappling with their own honor, trust, guilt and loss. These tales are woven together by arrangements that include weeping pedal steel and violin, strains of accordion, mandolin and xylophone, plucked banjo and guitar, sorrowful brass and the clip-clop of found percussion. The songs combine influences as diverse as zydeco, bluegrass, mariachi, country, gospel and rock and roll - yet somehow remain unmistakably The Theater Fire.

With “influences ranging from The Velvet Underground to George Jones“, The Theater Fire is what Texas Music should sound like, but rarely does. Their sound is a spellbinding fusion of folk, country, mariachi, and rock, wrapped in themes of death, guilt, and isolation. Perhaps the Fort Worth Weekly put it best: “It sounds at once urban and rustic, modern and very, very old.”

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