y o u c a n n o t b u r y m y s i l e n c e . : 500X Gallery - Dallas, TX (2018)

“y o u c a n n o t b u r y m y s i l e n c e .” 
(DALLAS, January 2018; source: CultureHype) – One of Texas’ oldest, artist run, cooperative galleries, 500X Gallery, is proud to present its next exhibition “y o u c a n n o t b u r y m y s i l e n c e .” by Fort Worth-based composer, producer, and multidisciplinary artist, James Talambas. Featuring an immersive installation with elements of sound, video, and sculpture, the exhibition will offer an intimate and interactive look at domestic violence and its effects on mental illness. By focusing on raising awareness of mental health issues; the artist hopes that the exhibition will give those dealing with similar issues a voice. The gallery will showcase Talambas’ new works on display from Saturday, February 24 through Sunday, March 11 with an Opening Reception on Feb. 24 from 7 to 10 p.m. 500X Gallery is located at 500 Exposition Ave., Dallas, Texas 75226.

Adding sculpture to his immersive sound compositions helps him speak to the audience through the narrative of art, connecting to them on more than one level to the conversation of socio-political issues. A reoccuring theme in his body of work, “y o u c a n n o t b u r y m y s i l e n c e .” serves as a conduit for the artist to continue to discuss relevant social issues and make a difference through his work. “Mental illness is nothing new and definitely not to me, but seeing hard-working, blue collar, creative people in such a dire position that they are forced to choose between food or their mental health is heartbreaking. It’s an issue that we are not placing enough importance on; we are not taking care of our people.” Diagnosed at age 15 with psychosis, anxiety, and severe depression, Talambas gives viewers a look inside the mind of someone with such mental health issues in one of the installation pieces using a variety of video and animations with multidimensional sound design and score. One piece, a multi-sensory installation sharing the exhibition name, explores domestic violence, abuse, and its effects on mental health. A personal passage will accompany the piece, giving viewers a way to share their own story. These personal stories will anonymously be integrated into the composed audio piece.


all i can do to hope from drowning (2018)

y o u c a n n o t b u r y m y s i l e n c e . (2018)