Limited edition 5 song ep from Jake Paleschic

Cowboy Songs is the newest collection of works from songwriter Jake Paleschic. Jake wrote and recorded these within a very short period of time, at his home in Fort Worth and at nmr respectively. The arrangements are sparse, relying only on his acoustic guitar, his voice, and the room he inhabited over the week. The album is raw, heartfelt and anecdotal. Unintentionally, a loose narrative concept falls over the album. Starting with the first lyrics of the first song, the title track, "Cowboy Songs", "Here's some Cowboy Songs, to listen to, 'bout men with dreams, and nothin' to lose". Without irony or cliche, he honestly and profoundly muses about heartbreak, confusion, and a unquenchable thirst to live one's dreams. To follow one's dreams, and experience life, love and heartbreak regardless of the rough terrain it may cause, here or abroad. His words and melodies feel fresh, like the ink of the words and tears they recount are still wet. His voice penetrates the room, reflecting and reverberating his most fervent moments to sit like a fog in the room. These songs reach deep into our stories we tell ourselves, saying the words we could never articulate in our most vulnerable times. 

The album is printed and hand numbered for limited release.

Digital release coming soon.