Ronnie Heart to release EP April 1 2016

Get ready to dance.

On April 1st, former guitarist and vocalist of Neon Indian, Ronnie Heart, will be releasing his highly anticipated solo debut, “you(r) mine” on New Media Recordings.
“If you want to dance your ass off, see Ronnie Heart. You can relive sounds from the 70s, 80s and 90s, with his synth-pop fueled, funky freshness.” - Do512

ronnie heart is the moniker of stylish latin-american r&b/funk singer songwriter and guitarist ronnie gierhart. heart’s love affair with music and dance started early on through his el salvadorian/colombian parents and breakdancing at youth centers and dance companies in his south houston neighborhood. upon moving to north texas in 2002, heart played guitar for a number of north texas bands, most notably neon indian and vega. heart left neon indian in 2011 to pursue a solo career. inspired by artists such as mj, prince, and stevie wonder, heart makes music that brings an emphatically positive dance party. ronnie heart is releasing his debut ep “you(r) mine” in april 2016. it incorporates r&b, funk, and electronic styles. his positive and high energy shows are always a joyous vibrant experience. "from the first beat, the crowd was dancing, and so was heart. heart is an effective guitarist and vocalist — but showmanship is his wheelhouse.” - steve watkins,